About BAYTI Baby Home Healthcare

BAYTI Baby is our maternity department run according to and meeting all current international standards based on NHS inspired methods of care. Our experienced professionals aim to provide the highest standard of care and advice to parents and baby. We support you in the comfort of your own home with complete personalized care.

Benefits of midwifery care at home

Improvements in parenting Improvements in some child behavioral problems Improved cognitive development in babies Reduction in accidental injury Early detection and prevention of wound infections and postnatal depression Early support to help with breastfeeding.

Pre-Natal Care

The topics covered by our antenatal classes are:

  • Health in pregnancy, including a healthy diet
  • Exercises to keep you fit and active during pregnancy
  • What happens during labour and birth
  • Coping with labour and information about different types of pain relief
  • How to help yourself during labour and birth
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Information about different kinds of birth and interventions, such as venturous or forceps delivery
  • Caring for your baby, including feeding Your health after the birth
  • “Refresher classes” for those who’ve already had a baby
  • Emotions and feelings during pregnancy, birth and after

Post-Natal Care

The services includes:

  • Breastfeeding support by international board certified lactation consultant
  • Care of the new born
  • Baby weighing
  • Developmental assessment from birth to preschool
  • Weaning and child nutrition Infant sleep training